Our main competition is The St Leonards Shield. We track players' Stableford scores in Club games through the year. Players qualify by posting a minimum eight scores. Highest sum of eight scores takes out the Shield.


We run two matchplay competitions, aimed as much as possible at providing each player with a minimum of two opportunities to experience this type of exciting competition, each year. Accommodating all starters requires significant deployment of byes in early rounds. Participation is not mandatory. Our premier matchplay competition is The Darlington Cup. Early elimination from The Darlo places players into The Clayton's Plate. Victory in either draw is worthy of celebration.



The Eclectic Competition compiles an 18-hole scorecard from your best stableford scores on each of holes 1 to 18 of all rounds, all courses, played as Club games across the year.


Birdies deserve recognition and here's where it happens. Alert Mr Handicapper to your birdies by marking them on your card with a triangle, anywhere along the line of the hole on which it was scored. If two people birdie on the same hole, mark two triangles.

This table captures birdies scored in Club games throughout the year.


We record a Bradman performance each round of Club play.

Bradman acknowledges the high-scoring exploits of Australia’s — the World’s — finest ever cricket batsman.

Many clubs give a
Bradman award for the highest number of strokes off the stick in a round. Our Bradman is net of handicap and subject to a formula levelling performance at any course to a standard par 72. The figure in red at the right of the table entries is the number thus derived. This is the figure that we rely on for our Bradman awards.

The recipient of the
Bradman award must take custody of the Club’s wooden-shafted, 1930s-era iron, keeping it safe until the next Club round is played, when it may be gladly, willingly and with great relief, passed to the next recipient.