St Leonards Golf

Massey Park, Friday 12 July

Game time: 3 hours 40 minutes

Nature was truly on our side at Massey Park, a beautiful morning with everything positively shining in the clean, crisp winter sunshine. Only issue I had was that some of the fairways were not clearly mown, leaving a few places where it was difficult to detect fairway from rough. The greens were challenging, some definitely requiring more water. Some are more contoured than at first sight, so maybe “better luck next time!”

As with most courses close to the water – and that was lovely to look at, also – our group had to play with a varying wind around the bay. Always makes life interesting. At the 18th Albert was standing still over the ball for so long, waiting for the wind to abate slightly, that Andy and I thought he had fallen asleep, or worse. Thankfully he was able to continue to finish a great round.

Unfortunately, we lost Peter half-way through the game, due to illness, temporary and mild, one hopes. Not before he managed to wipe me off the NTP marker for the 6th hole, however!

Our one matchplay of the day was between Chris Franklin and Tony Watson. Chris took the honours (6 and 5) while Tony claimed the glory of the Bradman. With his fourth Bradman, Doc’s having a good year (or not, depending on one’s viewpoint), but he’s made of stern stuff, so I’m sure he'll bounce back.

Some other surprises, not least Yours Truly taking out the Individual and, with Andy, the pairs. I felt good after the first 9 but expected my traditional collapse around the 13th. Didn't happen and so it goes, in golf. Nothing is predictable.

Another pleasant surprise was Kevin's return, walking the course after serious medical work. Gained himself a commendable par round of 36, coming in second on the Individuals. Great effort, Murph!

Congrats to Albert on his 5-pointer on the 11th, taking him to equal leader in the Eclectic.

In the Shield, Russell picked up 6 points to take him to a point behind the leader, Andy.

The Quarter Finals of the Darlington Cup matchplay are in progress. These matches must be played between rounds 12 and 18. Check the draw on the Standings page for details of players and matches.

The Qualifying round of the Clayton’s must be concluded by our next game, Round 14, at Gordon. If one player only in a match turns up, he will be deemed the winner of the match.

Can I remind everyone that our next game, after some faffing about, none of it our fault, is at Gordon (not Long Reef nor Nth Turramurra) on 26 July, 8.30 hit-off. See you there!

Next Round: 26 July, Gordon