St Leonards Golf

26 JuneChatswood

Course time: 4 hrs 15 mins; Weather: excellent

We were able to get a reasonable field to play in still tricky circumstances. Many took advantage of the Greatrounds voucher for a cart, game and beer for 2. Fortunately, the rule regarding bags has been loosened to allow two bags per cart. As Chatswood, while short, still has an abundance of serious slopes, this was most welcome.

We were able to get together after the game for a quick summary, results, beer and sandwich or pie.

Results showed that handicaps really do reflect reality. The vast majority of our prizes were taken out by our two lowest handicappers, Tony Ducker and Steve Greene collaring most of the prizes.

The doubles results were queried and have been reviewed. An error has been identified. In recording the 18th, Doc scored 6/1 and Chris McCann scored 4/4, but only 1 was recorded in the doubles column instead of 4. This means that Doc and Chris scored 44 points thus winning the doubles for the day. Andy and Robbo finished 2nd with 42 points on a count back from Tony D and Steve Greene and Steve Merchant and myself.

It has
always been our policy that if a card, once handed in, is found to contain an error that materially affects competition results, we amend records to show the correct results and award any prizes due, while permitting any prizes already handed out on the basis of erroneously completed cards to stand. After all, we are a social club. We owe Chris and Doc two balls each.

Mr Handicapper was asked at the halfway mark how he was going against his recording-breaking score on this same ground, 6 years ago. His response – “Fine. I only need 42 points on the back 9!” Such is golf.

While Chatswood will never be my favourite course, it is very challenging for such a short course with 9 par 3s and only 2 par 5s. I am in two minds as to whether we should have at least one game there next year. Any thoughts?

Our next game is 10 July at Carnarvon, 8.30 start.

Stay safe and spend more time on a golf course. It’s healthy.


Next game: Round 13, Carnarvon, 10 July