St Leonards Golf

13 NovemberMuirfield

Course time: 4 hours & 40 minutes!

Played off the white tees.

As predicted, the weather was unpredictable.

Heavy clouds, mild temperatures and 20 minutes of concern as brief showers descended and thunder was heard, prompting a flurry of wet weather gear. Then, perfect for the rest of the day!

Despite the greens staff using hoses to clear leaves from greens immediately prior to our game, the surfaces were like billiard tables, super fast and hard to read. They definitely influenced the scores for the day. Fairways were in good condition and fair to players.

Scores were understandably lower than most rounds, ranging from 19 to a close tie on 31 points for the stableford win. Russell beat 3 challengers, all on 31, on a count back with a superb birdie 3/3 on the 18th hole. It’s as if he had it planned. The pairs was also won on a count back at 38 points with Robbo and Vilis taking the day from Kevin and me. I must make note of an excellent NTP in 3 on the 13th by Peter Irvine, sitting one metre from the pin. As good as it gets.

I managed 7 points on the first 9 holes and then proceeded to score 9 points on the first 3 holes of the second 9.  Ain’t golf grand? Never give up.

As fas as the St Leonards Shield goes, Robbo is looking good with only 2 players on his tail, Russell and Tony D. Things getting tight.

On a disappointing note, due to there being a resurgence of players wanting hit-offs both generally across NSW and in our group, I broke a 20-plus year club record and had to knock back 2 requests for a game. The course could not supply an extra tee and we have our full compliment of 16 players booked. I am looking at increasing our default request for tee times from 4 to 5 tees. I am hoping to be able to do this for North Ryde and Gordon GCs, our last games of the year.

Hope to see a good turnout for North Ryde on the 27 November. Invitations will go out Wednesday and I will, as mentioned above, try to get an extra tee. In any case, please reply as soon as possible to secure a place.

Stay safe and careful. Good golfing.



Next game: Round 23 | 27 November | North Ryde

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