St Leonards Golf

31 JulyAsquith

Despite it being a glorious winter’s day, we had probably our lowest turnout in terms of numbers.

In the lead
-up we had eight, but Terry dropped out so we had seven. No carts were allowed so Peter dropped out, down to six. Albert, whose birthday was on the day (Happy Birthday, Albert!) had a pressing engagement, so dropped off the balls and departed. Down to five.

We finished at the 18th with four, as Doc also had a pressing engagement and left after putting out on the 15th.

In the lead-up to the game, Andy was quietly confident that I would be the inaugural winner of a Bradman hat trick. Incentivised by his “unkind” suggestion I made sure that karma played its role.

Tee-off was at 9.15 and, whilst we waited at times for the group ahead (who waited on those ahead of them, etc), we got around in a fairly decent time. A little bit damp underfoot but by and large the course was in reasonable shape. Not a lot of run, though. As per the Pro’s advice, we played preferred lies through the green, including bunkers.

There was one birdie on the day, a putt by Doc from 10m short of the 15th green to the flag some 20m off, to the back. His game ended on a high. Russell and I then joined with Andy and Buzz to finish the round.

It was not a round that any of us could cheer about. Buzz had a creditable 33, myself a 30, Russell a 27, which is well below his usual standard — and on his home course. Having completed the 15th, Doc had amassed 22 points, but his departure precluded him from “Results” apart from his birdie and two balls that he won. This then left Andy to collect the Bradman.

The A-grade long drive had three participants. Both Russell and Doc hit booming drives and both balls stayed on the fairway. There was not much in it but Doc won by about 3 metres.

The B-grade had only Andy and I participating. The smile on Andy’s face was noticeable when my drive faded to be just off the fairway. I don’t know what club he used on the 10th tee but I did overhear him saying to Buzz that he might use his putter!

One player (Andy) has reached the 8-game threshold for the Shield.

Two players improved their eclectic score

The Asquith game was the final game for the qualifying round of the matchplay.

The North Ryde game (Round 15, set down for 14 August) will be the first round of the matchplay quarter finals in which four games may possibly be played.

Albert: thanks for driving over with the balls. I have $25 and a dozen balls for you.


Next game, Round 15: North Ryde, 14 August